Freya Hattenberger

The central point in the work of Cologne based artist Freya Hattenberger concerns aspects and needs of the body and its relation to social and ecological enviroments.
She works in video performances, video-and sound installations and photography. There she examines questions of autonomy and representation. Sound and the use of voice as indicators are key-elements of her work.

Together with Peter Simon she realizes sound based work and sound performances, sometimes as Duo named „Les Éclairs“.

Works of Freya Hattenberger are in the Collection of the Musée de Beaux Arts, Nantes and in the permanent Collection of the Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund as well as part of the foundation IMAI – inter media art institute, Düsseldorf. Her video works are distributed by V-Tape, Toronto, Canada and IMAI – inter media art institute, Düsseldorf.



Bräuning Contemporary

Freya Hattenberger on VIMEO

Les Éclairs